When I was physically 20 and mentally 16, I moved from the midwest to LA by myself. I had just gotten a BMX sponsorship and was ready to double down on that life.

My post-BMX career plan? To let California’s inevitable good luck, connections and vibes eventually take me to higher places.

This move was my turning point. It occurred because I was uneducated on the cost of coastal living, subpar at earning money, and inept at math. In other words, oblivious and optimistic. If I had been smart, I would have stayed home.

Luckily, I was a moron.

But moving to a high stakes environment forced me to, over time, step up my standards and capabilities in all areas. Although the BMX career took root and showed me the world, that was only the beginning. Luck, connections and vibes did in fact take over, almost precisely how I had imagined they would.

In today's world of rampant survivorship bias and "let me share my 5 keys to success" narratives, it's fun to be reminded of the inverse relationship between knowledge and instinct.

Photo by Mark Losey