Intro Limited is a boutique recruiting firm servicing apparel, luxury and premium lifestyle brands.

We build exemplary teams for organizations who value their people and their time.


"Intro has matched my company up -- regardless of the industry, project or market I'm operating in -- with folks who are uncannily suited for the goals laid out."

Michael Donovan, Independent Program Director

"10/10. Best recruiter I’ve worked with."

- Noah Raf, cofounder, Madhappy

"Couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Intro Limited. They diligently listened to our feedback and calibrated until we had our perfect candidate."

- Julie Van, Vice President of People

"Recruiting is at the core of building any great business, and Michael knows how to sniff out the fancy talkin' and get down to performance, execution, and character. I can't think of anyone I'd rather represent me or our brand."

Erik Allen Ford, CEO

"Intro is refreshing, a far cry from the impersonal and mechanical interaction I have often experienced with several executive search agencies."

Andrea Tonello, CFO

"Michael and the team have supported us tremendously in making key senior hires and going above and beyond to make the hiring process as seamless as it could be.”

- Peiman Raf, cofounder

"Michael is the best; a total unicorn in executive search.”

Jack Gray, VP of Lifestyle

Intro is different. Conversations with Michael are mutually beneficial and genuine. This has not just been my experience, but that of countless dear friends and colleagues whom I have referred to Intro with full trust.

JT AKERS, Director of Adidas Originals Accessories

"Mike understands what motivates a candidate to want to join an organization: an alignment of values, ability and shared goals. He has always focused on building enduring cultures founded on integrity, openness and an unwavering commitment to developing good humans for positive impact. This was instilled in me during my time working for Mike at Alternative, validated through his guidance during my transition to lululemon and continues as a friend and mentor.”

Albert Samuels, Director of Merchandising

"Our partnership with Intro exceeded expectations and produced spectacular results. They differentiated themselves through an in depth probing of our needs, an exhaustive and diligent approach to screening candidates, and providing expert guidance to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement with our finalists."

Josh Kriteman, COO

"Working with Michael and Julienne has been an amazing success story. We started with many headhunter options in North America, but we have quickly made Intro our one-stop shop for all types of recruitment."

Thomas Fabre, VP Sales and Marketing

"Working with Intro has taken so much stress and uncertainty out of the hiring process. Michael and Julienne do a fantastic job of learning our hiring needs up front, developing a very specific profile and only bringing us the best candidates that meet those requirements. They’ve been a true partner in helping us build an exceptional team.”

Zoë Meroney, GM

“The Intro team responded quickly with candidates that were spot-on in terms of competencies but more important in terms of culture and energy.”

"Michael and Julienne listened and understood exactly what we needed in a designer. They came back days later with a short list of candidates; each one of them was able to nail our aesthetic and really wanted to be a part of our brand. We had a winner in under two weeks, and she’s still with us.”

JP Mastey, Founder

"As an entrepreneur, synergy between brand vision and the team that covers your blind spots is vital. Having a recruiting partner that truly understands the importance of brand fit is rare. Michael Ardelean gets it!"

Derek Galkin, Co-Founder

"Midi Management has used Intro's services across different portfolio companies for several executive positions, including CFO. We were very pleased with the processes which were run very smoothly and quickly, with a very good comprehension of the skill sets needed for specific hires and industries. We can confirm that all candidates were successful upon hires. We would definitely recommend Intro!”

Erik Bittel, Private Equity Investor

"From start to finish, Intro made our employee search effortless. They are all about details, and well connected. Two weeks after starting, we had several perfect candidates and the hardest part was trying to pick just one. I look forward to working with Michael and Julienne again soon."

Jeff Lifter, Chief Creative Officer


We begin with a head start: our own firsthand experience in creative and analytical leadership roles.

Our clients are outstanding agencies and brands in Luxury, Fashion, Footwear, Accessories, Lifestyle and Consumer Goods.

Intro has quickly and thoughtfully placed Digital Marketing leaders, heads of eComm, Directors of Sales, and more, from Designer to VP to CFO.


Michael Ardelean

Michael Ardelean is a calm and organized people enthusiast.

His highly varied career interests have led him to compete in the X Games, lead merchandising and marketing teams, and partner in an innovation design studio.

Alongside those pursuits, he considered it his duty to make sure that all the most interesting and impressive people knew each other. Intro Limited was born.

He’s currently writing his second book on career advancement, and in his spare time he organizes high speed vintage car rallies.

Michael became sought after for his ability to bring order to creative environments, and offered those services as a consultant. Always punching above his weight class, he believed in surrounding himself with the best, pulling together many interesting and talented friends, and building community via introductions and advocacy.

After playing key roles in bringing superstar talent to lululemon, Buck Mason and more, Michael founded a small but high-output search firm rooted in naturally existing connections.

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Julienne prepared herself for the executive search world via firsthand experience in operations, sales and marketing.

Leading large teams very early in her career taught her the power of understanding human behavior and empathy as well as hyper-organization and rigor.

Like most high performers, Julienne seeks balance through multiple pursuits: she’s a diamond and vintage jewelry expert, songwriter, screenwriter, performer and master systems builder.

Julienne works in executive search because it’s a direct way to improve peoples’ lives. She’s inspired by candidates who are curious and driven, and believes that abundance and prosperity are attainable for those who believe in themselves and do the work.

And like most high performers, Julienne seeks balance through multiple talents and pursuits: songwriting, screenwriting, performing, and a thirst for knowledge that plays directly into her recruiting superpowers.

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