What holds us back from being excellent? It may not be lack of discipline, desire, IQ or opportunity.

It might be lack of exposure.

Ramit recently posted a Jay Abraham quote:

“Most people have never truly seen what excellence looks like.”

In my own life, any “growth spurts” I had can easily be traced back to a few brushes with excellence.

I got really good at BMX after seeing Dave Mirra ride in person.

My fashion merchandising career took off when I made friends with an OG in that space.

These accidental encounters are so life-changing, eventually you realize that you can intentionally manufacture them.

If you don’t see excellence around you, go somewhere else. If you have access to an office, get dressed and go. Your boss’s boss’s boss doesn’t inspire you? Start planning your next move.

Find excellent people, get near them, offer to help them, build real friendships with them.

PHOTO: Gino Iannucci by David Serrano