The problem with some talented people is that they believe they should be paid for their talent alone. The same goes for experienced people. 

Both become very frustrated when they learn how the world really works. 

If you want to: 

Live a life of professional abundance

Hopscotch your way through job levels and skip a few in the process

Be pelted nonstop with opportunities and introductions 

… then you need help. You need advocates. You need behavior and community layered on top of your talent. 

Opportunities are everywhere. People in positions of power are constantly looking to dish out jobs, advice, mentorship... but they need a worthy recipient. 

Radiate value, expertise and generosity to everyone around you. Make a friend by offering something vs. asking for something. Tackle projects bigger than you, and rise to the occasion. Be curious and likable. Be the glue that holds together a high caliber social circle. Become a magnet for good luck. 

Be someone that people want to help. Not because you’re helpless, but because you’re helpful.